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Buy your Moonswatch?

Buy your Moonswatch?

Find your Moonswatch

Where to buy a MoonSwatch with confidence?

Discover here the best places to acquire your Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch, while avoiding the risks associated with counterfeits. Whether you opt for an in-store experience or prefer online purchasing, we offer you advice for a worry-free acquisition.

The Swatch Store Experience:

Explore the Collection in Person Nothing beats the experience of discovering your MoonSwatch in a physical store. From Paris to Tokyo, Swatch boutiques around the world offer total immersion in the brand's unique universe.

Expert Advice Benefit from expert advice from our in-store experts to choose the perfect watch that matches your lifestyle and preferences. We are here to guide you towards the ideal model in terms of design, functionality and durability.

Secure Online Purchasing: StockX

StockX: Your Trusted Marketplace If you prefer online purchasing, opt for StockX, the renowned global marketplace. Benefit from the guarantee of authenticity and total transparency on the origin and quality of the MoonSwatches available.

Authentication and Guarantee Every MoonSwatch listed for sale on StockX undergoes a strict authentication process to ensure you receive an authentic product, backed by an unrivaled quality guarantee.

Be careful with counterfeits

Stay Vigilant Although Swatch and StockX stores guarantee authenticity, be aware of the risk of counterfeits on some less scrupulous resale sites. Protect your investment by choosing reputable and reliable sources.

Why Authenticity is Crucial

Avoid Risks Counterfeits compromise the quality and integrity of your MoonSwatch. Opt for trusted purchasing channels to ensure an experience that meets your expectations in terms of quality and durability.

The Informed Choice: Swatch or StockX Stores

Your Decision Whether you prefer the immersive experience of Swatch stores or the ease of online shopping with StockX, the choice is yours. Whatever the case, authenticity and quality remain the key words of your purchasing experience.


When browsing between physical stores and online platforms, be vigilant against counterfeits to purchase with complete confidence. Whether you opt for Swatch stores or StockX, make sure your MoonSwatch meets your expectations in terms of authenticity and quality.