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Swatch x Omega & Swatch x Blancpain FAQs

Our bracelets are sold with the tools you need to change your MoonSwatch and Scuba Fifty Fathoms bracelet quickly and easily.

  • Click here to watch the video tutorial on how to change a Moonswatch strap
  • Click here to watch the video tutorial on how to change a Scuba Fifty Fathoms strap

Need more guidance? Here is the step-by-step guide:

1. Gather your tools
We'll supply you with the tools you need for dismantling and reassembly, as well as the spring bars.

2. Prepare the watch
Place the watch face down on a soft cloth to avoid scratching it.

3. Locate the Spring Bars
Find the small metal spring bars that hold the strap in place. These are located at the ends of the strap where it meets the watch case.

4. Remove the Strap
Insert the forked end of the spring bar tool or the small flat-head screwdriver between the strap and the lug (the metal part of the watch that connects the strap to the case).Gently push the spring bar inward to release it from the lug. Be careful as the spring bar is under tension and might pop out.Repeat this process on the other side of the strap to fully detach it from the watch.

5. Attach the New Strap
Insert the spring bar into the new strap. Position one end of the spring bar into the hole on the lug.Use the spring bar tool or the small flat-head screwdriver to compress the spring bar while sliding it into place. Ensure both ends of the spring bar are securely seated in the holes on the lugs.Repeat the process for the other side of the strap.

6. Check the Fit
Ensure the new strap is securely attached by gently tugging on it. The strap should be firmly in place without any movement.

Your watch should now have a new strap securely attached and ready to wear.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer 2 delivery options:

  • By DHL (delivery in 24 to 72 hours)
  • By the postal service (3 to 5 days)

All orders placed before midday are sent the same day (excluding weekends)If you send us the wrong strap, we will send you a new one free of charge.

Lastly, you have a 14-day cooling-off period. All you have to do is send the strap back to us and you'll be reimbursed.

All our straps are designed to meet the exact specifications of the original models, whilst offering adjustable sizes to fit all wrists.

Blancpain x Swatch Scuba Fifty Fathoms Straps

  • Size: 12cm + 9cm | 3.75" + 4.75" + the diameter of the watch
  • Wrist Circumference: 13-25cm | 5"-12"
  • Material: Refer to title + anti-UV, anti-dust, and anti-allergic
  • Width: 22mm
  • Loop Width: 20mm

Omega x Swatch Moonswatch Straps

  • Size: 12cm + 9cm | 3.75" + 4.75" + the diameter of the watch
  • Wrist Circumference: 13-25cm | 5"-12"
  • Material: Refer to title + anti-UV, anti-dust, and anti-allergic
  • Width: 20mm
  • Loop Width: 18mm

Sporting a seductive and unique look, the Moonswatch strap is an accessory that combines originality and elegance. Thanks to its numerous aesthetic qualities, it adorns your wrist and enhances your outfit. A result of the collaboration between Swatch and Omega, it combines the expertise and creativity of these two watchmaking giants. Accessible at a very affordable price, it remains a distinguished and unique accessory.

This beautiful strap was designed to enhance the Moonswatch watches from the Bioceramic collection created by Omega and Swatch. You can use it with one of the 11 wonders of the range:

  • Moonswatch Mission to the Mercury,
  • Omega Swatch Mission to the Jupiter,
  • Moonswatch Bioceramic Mission to the Mars,
  • Omega Swatch Bioceramic Mission to the Venus, etc.

Moreover, Swatch Omega straps are compatible with all watches. They thus perfectly combine with a Seamaster 300, Speedmaster, or Omega Deville.


On Swatchcollabs, we offer a wide variety of Moonswatch straps for your Bioceramic Omega watches. To choose the ideal model, consider several factors.


Omega Swatch straps come in several colors. For a sober and responsible look, you can opt for a black model combined with your Swatch Omega Mission to the Mercury watch. It is very versatile and adapts to any outfit. To match your Omega Swatch Mission to the Mars watch from the Bioceramic collection, the red Moonswatch Omega strap is the best possible choice. It stands out for its originality and sleek appearance.

For a bolder look, we suggest Swatch Moonswatch straps in rarer colors. Pink, orange, and brown will add an aesthetic touch to your style. Opt for a white Swatch Omega Bioceramic strap to stand out. It is available at a very accessible price on Swatchcollabs. Order your Moonswatch strap now and receive your package within 48 hours.


The rubber Moonswatch strap is very elegant, sturdy, and distinguished by its long lifespan. Suitable for a Swatch Omega Mission to Pluto watch, it is resistant to water and scratches. The rubber Moonswatch strap, with its stainless steel pin buckle, is an accessory that follows you everywhere. You won't need to remove it before engaging in water sports. It offers similar advantages to a silicone model. Available at a particularly attractive price in our store, it comes in various colors and patterns. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a black, white, brown, or orange Omega Swatch rubber or silicone strap.

If you are looking for a more professional style, leather models will be your best allies. They exude a certain presence and have a very sleek design. In addition to being aesthetic, they are robust and can be useful for many years. The leather Moonswatch straps offered by Omega and Swatch come in various models. You can opt for models with a smooth texture, cool colors, or special finishes. The prices of leather Moonswatch straps are affordable for everyone. These beautiful accessories are also compatible with watches other than the Bioceramic models from Swatch and Omega. The watch case attachment system offers great practicality for changing straps as you wish.


Embodiment of refinement and sturdiness, the stainless steel Omega Moonswatch strap is an essential accessory in your jewelry box. It is solid, resistant, and adapts to any skin type. Despite regular use, it retains its shine and is unlikely to cause discomfort on your wrist. The buckle of each of our strap models is made of stainless steel, giving it extreme solidity.

The Moonswatch strap, resulting from the collaboration between Omega and Swatch, is a true aesthetic asset for your style. In our store, you can purchase a beautiful black, white, or red model at an unbeatable price.


Thanks to its unique and original design, the Swatch Blancpain strap is an accessory that confers a certain prestige. It is aesthetic and highly versatile. Black, white, red, or brown, it adapts to all styles and stands out as a key element of your look. The Swatch Blancpain strap is specially made to be used with the Scuba Fifty Fathoms watch. You can combine it with a Pacific or Atlantic Ocean model. This beautiful accessory is, however, compatible with all watches. It can thus be used to enhance the following models:

  • Swatch Omega Bioceramic Mission to the Venus,
  • Omega Seamaster 300,
  • Speedmaster '57,
  • Swatch Peanuts,
  • Seamaster Diver 300 M,
  • Moonwatch Professional,
  • Swatch Omega Bioceramic Mission to the Mars,
  • Seamaster Aqua Terra,
  • Swatch Chrono,
  • Speedmaster Dark Side Météorite.

The Swatch Blancpain strap is made from various materials. In our store, you will find models in rubber, nylon, nato, silicone, leather, or stainless steel. The prices of our Swatch Blancpain straps are accessible to all. Browse our selection of products and choose a white or black leather accessory to enhance your watch and wrist.


The straps resulting from the collaboration between Swatch, Omega, and Blancpain naturally benefit from a long lifespan. Made of rubber, silicone, or stainless steel, they are crafted from top-quality materials. However, to use your Moonswatch strap for a long time, you must maintain it rigorously. The techniques to use may vary from one model to another. For example, a Swatch Omega strap will be more sensitive to water than a rubber or silicone model. Other materials like nylon or nato take more time to dry. You must consider these factors.

To maintain your Moonswatch strap, you will simply need a soft cloth and lukewarm water. To remove dirt and sweat marks from your Swatch Omega watch accessory, gently rub it regularly. After cleaning, carefully dry the Moonswatch strap to avoid any moisture buildup.

To better maintain your Swatch Omega Speedmaster watch, you can purchase special protection in our store. It is available at an attractive price without any special delivery charges. For the purchase of a Moonswatch watch protection or an Omega Swatch Bioceramic strap, trust our company.